About Us

Just not to sound egotist, I’ve named this section About Us. Otherwise, it is all About Me.

Knowledge is not an Intellectual Property, it is an Intellectual Liability.

As we gain knowledge, we become liable to spread it. Like money, knowledge should keep floating across geographical, cultural and economic boundaries.

That is the sole reason I have founded CosmoCode.io, a free coding website.

By profession, I am a Senior Software Engineer in a US-based MNC. I live in London. My primary role is to take care of Test Automation projects. I have also done DevOps and frontend development in my previous roles. I can communicate with my computer in multiple languages (except the one they actually understand i.e. assembly).

My memory, heart, and mailbox, all are large enough to accommodate more people. I can be reached out at contact(at)CosmoCode(dot)io. Please feel free to use Contact Us form in the footer of the website to leave your feedback, queries or just a Hello.

Signing off

~ Shadab Ansari